My first post

Feminists, I have to make the word “feminists” to be the first word in my first post on my first blog. So here, feminists – I don’t like them.

Now to the point. The topic of my first post is why the default state is that the mother gets kids after the divorce. Because they get pregnant and deliver the baby? Nonsense! It was not my choice that I cannot get pregnant, it is not women’s choice that they can. So why should they be rewarded for something and I should be punished for something that was just a blind chance. We do not punish those who are born blind. If anything we help them to overcome limitations that come with this condition. So that they can read, browse Internet and may be one day they will be able to drive cars. And yet with children somehow nobody bother to remove this inherent asymmetry between men and women and instead they try to broaden the gap.

So what’s going on? Well, I think it’s a disposable men thing and I base it on absolutely nothing. But hear me out. 100 years ago what are the chances that a man would live long enough until the kids grow up? No clue (remember I base it on absolutely nothing) but women’s chances were much higher and, importantly, chances that men will not live long enough to see their children grow were substantially high. So it is common sense then that kids should go to women who will not get drafted and killed in the battle, who will not die because of mine accidents, who will live long enough until kids grow up.

It changed. I cannot get pregnant, deliver kids or breast-feed. But I, statistical version of me at least, will certainly live long enough to take care of the kids. So Kate Winslet and others can and should f–k themselves on a mountain.