Feminism is for upper-middle class women. Not for equality

Feminists – well, read the title.


Heard today on NPR a show where they were talking about what to do is your called bossy? That is boy called bosses and girls called bossy? Negative reinforcement, or whatever.

I am not going to say that it infantilizes (is it a word?) women. Sure, it’s quite infantilizing when apparently the only thing preventing you being a leader is someone calling you bossy.
And I”m not going to say that because it is politically correct BS that has exactly the same goal as the original intention.

What I have to say is that if I ever needed a proof that feminism is for upper-middle class well-off women then here it is. The thing is that there are not so many leaders out there. And those that are potential leaders and were unfortunate enough to be born in a poor or even middle-class household without connections, well, most likely that will not be able to realize their leadership’s potential. Whether boys or girls. But feminism is not about them. It’s not about how to improve inequality in literacy rates, or in inequality in GPA between boys and girls, especially for those with low income. No. It’s about rich girls getting more.


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