Do you believe in Equality? Then you are a feminist

Feminists – I do not like them.

This website: has a  test on whether you are a feminist or not. It takes just two questions. Do you think all human beings are equal? Do you think women are human beings? You answer yes to both of them and you are deemed feminist-y enough.

I think everyone already said lots of things about “feminism is about equality and if you believe in equality you are a feminist”. My personal favorite is Victor Zen who said something like (not a quotation) “I don’t understand why feminism decided that it can monopolize the concept of equality. I believe in equality but let me choose for myself what movement represents me”.

Anyway to the point. Here is my test (I am not German, been there a couple of times):

1) Do you admire German culture, German’s writers, composers, philosophers?  Yes/No
2) Do you wish prosperity to German people? Yes/No

If you answered “Yes” to both questions then congratulations – you are Nazi.


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