Evolution of Man’s Image from a Japanese book to an American movie.

Feminist – I don’t like them.

Probably everyone watched a movie “The Ring”. When I first watched it, my bed was right next to TV and that was scary. What is that point that I’m making? I liked it so much that I read the book and watched the original, Japanese movie which is called, easily enough, Ringu.

And here is what you have: in the book the two main characters are actually two men, say A and B. They are friends and work together on saving A’s family.

Then: a Japanese movie. A becomes a woman and B becomes her ex-husband. No problem here, because, Nanako Matsushima who played A is SO pretty! Ok, there was a tiny problem: in the book A had to lift baskets of water from the well, while B went down to the well and was filling those baskets with water. In a book A was a man so it does not matter. In the movie it seems weird that A is doing physically difficult work but whatever. Let’s focus on B, ladies and gentlemen:  B in a Japanese movie is a very successful professor ata University with a young and pretty girlfriend. It is a hint from B at the very end of the movie that helps A to finally figure out the solution.

Then we have an American movie. What happens to B? He is still A’s ex but he is a COMPLETE loser, unemployed and, well, basically, A does everything while “projecting intelligence, determination and resourcefulness that carry the movie nicely” (Wiki). B, however, becomes almost tangential to the story.

How difficult was it to just leave B as he was? A resourceful man and a father trying to save his own kid and contributing as much as the mother. Nope. Men can only be losers.


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